What Matters To Me

An App to help people to communicate their needs.

What Matters to Me is a brand new app for anyone who needs extra support.

Bester is a Finnish member of Citizen Network and has developed this app, in both Finnish and English, in order to help people share information about what really matters to them. 

The app will benefit anyone who experiences barriers to inclusion, for example people who might have: 

It's also especially good for people who employ support workers or personal assistants.

“Our eldest son Janne has Down’s Syndrome. He turns 40 next year. I use the app to write about Janne’s needs. This information can be sent in advance, by phone or by email. There I tell people what special needs we have. Not all needs are visible. The app ensures that restaurants, hotels and other places can see how to serve us.”

Citizen Network members can now try the app for free for 6 months.

Read and download the flyer for more information here.

Visit: http://whatmattersme.com


Project | 07.07.20

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Johanna Mätäsaho


CEO of Bestser Ltd

Johanna Mätäsaho


CEO of Bestser Ltd

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