What Matters to Me

Bestser is a Finnish startup company which develops innovative solutions to help people control their health and social care services.

Author: Johanna Mätäsaho

Bestser has developed an app to help people share information about what really matters to them.

Bestser is a Finnish startup company offering consultancy services for the digitalisation of social and healthcare and developing digital applications in the same field.

Bester are a member of Citizen Network and are offering a free trial of the app for 6 months - find out more here

What's the problem?

For disabled people it is often tedious and frustrating to explain repeatedly your situation and needs, one day after another, in one situation after another.

In addition, people with limited functional capacity often cannot communicate orally or in writing. Moreover, many service providers do not even know what is needed to make their services suitable for everyone. Thus, there is a need to increase and improve services received by disabled people, and particularly to increase the understanding of service providers how they can make their services more barrier-free.

The solution and it's benefits

What Matters to Me is an application that allows you to easily describe your special needs as well as the things you want other people to take into account. What Matters to Me makes it easy to communicate these things. You can share the information to service providers in many different ways.

Using What Matters to Me increases accessibility and equality in various everyday situations and encounters. What Matters to Me is available in English and Finnish all over the world - other languages will be available later.

By using the app disabled people will have more possibilities to use services that they want, and the quality of services that they receive will improve. In the end of the day the fit between needed services and services available becomes better.

Currently many service providers loose potential customers, because they do not have proper information about customers’ special needs. Without easy digital tools it is time-consuming and inefficient to find right information. 

Utilize in many ways

After you have created your own account, you can share your need information in various ways. 

Firstly, you can send your unique link to a service provider, wherever you go, and you can get a confirmation in beforehand from the service provider that your needs will be met. 

Secondly, in any service situation you can open your laptop, smart phone or tablet to show your special needs. Since the application allows you to show your needs in a compact way, the service provider can quickly and easily understand your needs and offer you proper services. 

Thirdly, in Finland disabled people can also connect our application to their EU Disability Card via QR code. When a service provider reads the code, she or he gets immediately information about customers’ needs. 

Flexible delivery and affordable pricing

You can buy the subscription of the app as an end-user. It's also possible to use if third parties (service providers, associations etc.) want to offer What Matters to Me to end-users (customers, members). 

Watch a film about the app and find out more at: http://whatmattersme.com

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Johanna Mätäsaho


CEO of Bestser Ltd

Johanna Mätäsaho


CEO of Bestser Ltd

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