The Power of Language

This webinar examines the language that helps and encourages us to leave behind the language that harms.

The language we use is powerful. It can build and it can destroy. In this thought provoking webinar the speakers explored how using the wrong language in social and health care can cause serious harm.

In Part 1, Alexis Quinn describes the harmful treatment she faced from a system which was supposed to help her. Alexis describes how dangerous and negative language undermines the capacity of people to understand each other:

 "I never hated myself until I was helped to hate myself by professionals."

In Part 2, Sam Sly and Kieran Murphy describe how professionals are tempted to use damaging and hurtful language and the multiple wounds and harms caused. They encourage professionals to consider how they can use language to baffle and obscure real images and explore a more respectful alternative.

These slides were shown during the recording:

The webinar was recorded on 4 February 2021.

Webinar | 11.02.21

health & healthcare, Inclusion, social care, England, Webinar

Sam Sly


Freelance Regulation, Health & Social Care Consultant

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