Terry Lynch

An American leader in the innovation of supports for older people

Terry's unique strategies for supporting, personalizing and protecting the rights of older people are presented in his ground-breaking book, But I Don’t Want Eldercare! and his powerful essay, Keep the Flame Burning and other material published by the Centre. Terry is engaged in a project in his home state, Wisconsin, to expand the number of older people who are self-directing their support and to enhance their capacity for building rewarding lives as respected members of their communities.

Terry has been promoting the independent living cause since 1977, when he served as Assistant to the Director of the White House Conference on Individuals with Disabilities. He then managed a federal government disability rights program and had a key role in the establishment of the National Disability Rights Network.

Terry returned to Wisconsin in 1985 to begin his consulting and speaking business. He soon began living his work. For the next 10 years, Terry helped his mother remain at home, in control of a meaningful life, overcoming challenging medical problems and a life-changing memory disorder. His writing and his work in the self-determination movement are founded on this illuminating personal experience, as well as his work with other families. 

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle appointed Terry to the state’s Board on Aging and Long-term Care in 2006 and to its Quality Home Care Authority Board in 2009. Terry is a Board member of a national advocacy organization dedicated to elevating the status and wages of direct care workers and is engaged in shaping policy advocacy for the Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Wisconsin. He is a founding member of In Control Wisconsin.

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