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Everyone Vote

Citizen Network believes that everyone should get involved and work to make their communities the best that they can be.

One important way we can accomplish this is if we vote.

Everyone should vote – everyone’s voice matters.

That means:

  • Everyone should register to vote if they can.
  • We should work to make sure voting is accessible as possible.

This includes:

  • People with disabilities, especially people with intellectual disabilities – who are often excluded.
  • People who live and work in a community, but who may have a passport from a different country.
  • People who may only live in the community some of they year, but play an important part in the community, like the Roma community.
  • People who have been forced out of their community and have had to flee to live somewhere else.

Examples of interesting campaigns, useful resources and ideas:

Inclusion Europe: #ThisTimeWeAreVoting Campaign

Plena Inclusión: #MiVotoCuenta and the app: #Mefacilyta

ENIL: Elections Toolkit

Easy-Read-Online: Information Sheet on Local Elections (England)

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) USA: GoVoter project

Council for Intellectual Disability (CID) New South Wales, Australia: NSW election 2019 – how political parties can support people with intellectual disability and the film: How to Vote

Disability Rights UK: The EnAble Fund for Elected Office

Mencap: Election Campaign

My Life My Choice: Register to Vote - UK General Election 2019

Nadia Clarke: Meeting the Politicians

Moldova: Let’s vote – Roma communities take the lead

Norway: I want to vote!

Scotland: Learning Disability Alliance Scotland

England: Marking the Political Parties and Quality Checking Government

UK General Election 2019: How to register to vote and Registering to vote easy read guide

Challenging unfair rules:

Denmark: The Danish government wants to change the law so that more people under guardianship are given the right to vote

Germany: Stripping people under full guardianship from their voting rights is unconstitutional

Scotland: Refugees and asylum seekers could be given right to vote

Spain: 100,000 people under guardianship will be able to vote in the next elections

UK: Steve Griffiths: Challenging the Democratic Deficit – the 2018 Constituency Boundary Review a lost opportunity

USA: Matt Rothschild: Disability Rights and Democracy

Bigger constitutional changes:

Citizen Network supports the campaign for Constitutional Reform in the UK, which aims to shift power closer to people and to increase democratic involvement at every level.