The Power of Freedom

An overview of recent developments for self-directed support in New Zealand including important web technology.

Author: Marsha Marshall

There has been a growing movement for self-directed support in New Zealand and there are further positive policy developments about to take place. Marsha Marshall provides an overview of developments and the role played by Manawanui.

This presentation also includes information on the useful web platform technology used by Manawanui to improve the experience of self-management for people with disabilities, families and personal assistants.

Marsha gave this presentation to the Erasmus+ funded SKILLS project, now known as the SDS Network.

Find out more about Manawanui at:

Read and download the free pdf of the slides in your browser, see link below.

The publisher is Manawanui. The Power of Freedom © Marsha Marshall 2022.


Slide | 25.07.22

Deinstitutionalisation, disability, Individual Service Funds, intellectual disabilities, Personalised Support, Self-Directed Support, social care, New Zealand, Slide

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