No Straight Lines in Real Life

Slides from We Chose to Climb - Glasgow 2015. Exploring theory, research and knowledge in self-directed support.

Slides from Simon Duffy's talk at the Conference of the Social Care Ideas Factory - We Chose to Climb - Glasgow 2015 - exploring theory, research and knowledge in self-directed support.

The talk explores:

1. The power of ideas - Self-directed support was developed by people seeking to make citizenship available to everyone - but policy-makers sometimes confuse it with dead ideologies like neoliberalism

2. The meaning of research - The best research on self-directed support tells us that its success has nothing to do with markets and everything to do with releasing creativity in citizens, families and communities.

3. The lessons of experience - Making self-directed support effective is about working together in a spirit of justice - keeping our eyes on the mountain, avoiding phoney expertise and empty goals.

These slides were at a fascinating conference which focused on the success of Scotland in developing self-directed support. The Social Care Ideas Factory is now developing an international movement to link together those who care about genuine person-centred practice and community development. You can find out more here.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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