New Script for Social Work

Presentation to social workers in North East Lincolnshire on how to return the social work role to one that is more about enabling and empowering

In this presentation to social workers in North East Lincolnshire, Simon Duffy explores how their role could be returned to one that was more enabling and empowering.

In the early days of personalisation social workers were often at the heart of bring about positive change. However as individual budgets and other systems have been imposed on social work teams it often feels that personalisation has become unhelpful and bureaucratic. Early lessons in keeping systems simple and trusting people to do more for themselves have been lost.

In an effort to combat these problems the Centre for Welfare Reform, in partnership with Paradigm and the Yorkshire and Humber Region, has been working to create better systems: to help citizens and to help social workers do the job they really want to do.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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