Does the Benefit System Work for You?

Simon Duffy talks to members of Learning Disability England (LDE) about the idea of basic income as a way to reform the benefit system.

Lots of people with learning difficulties do not find the benefit system easy or helpful. Too many people live in poverty and too many people find themselves stuck in poverty traps - unable to work - unable to live with a partner - unable to have savings.

In the past few years the system has got even worse with lower benefits and more tests, sanctions and stigma.

Can we change the system?

There is a growing demand around the world for a new kind of benefit system called Basic Income:

But how does this work for disabled people?

Simon Duffy (a co-founder of LDE) and Caroline Richardson (a co-founder of Spartacus Network) have developed a proposal called Basic Income Plus - showing how basic income would work for disabled people.

You can read an Easy Read version of their ideas here.

The webinar was recorded on 10th November 2020.

Webinar | 07.12.20

Basic Income, intellectual disabilities, tax and benefits, England, Webinar

Gary Bourlet


Co-Founder of Learning Disability England

Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network

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