A Future Without the ILF

The case for asset based citizenship

Author: Jim Elder-Woodward OBE

The current UK Government plans to close the Independent Living Fund on 30th June 2015. This would mark the end of one of the most important achievements for the Independent living Movement and a significant backwards step for disabled people.

In this important paper Jim Elder-Woodward reviews the achievements of the ILF and makes the case for a new Trust which builds on its achievements and which guarantees the kind of portable national entitlement that disabled people require. He argues that such a Trust could be used to promote independent living through a different and more positive partnership with local government.

He also argues that the ILF is the kind of institution demanded by asset based citizenship. This approach to social justice - which goes back at least as far as Thomas Paine - establishes citizenship by ensuring each of us has the basic we need to live as citizens. As such it is consistent with another goal of the Campaign for a Fair Society - a universal basic income for all.

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The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Paper | 30.11.17

disability, local government, social care, Paper

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