Eri Mountbatten-O'Malley

Researcher, teacher and campaigner

Eri is a Senior lecturer in education policy at Bath Spa University and is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Eri’s has a breadth of local and national experience working within the Third sector and student union movement, in particular researching and campaigning for disability rights. He has almost 10 years’ experience conducting social policy research in areas such as well-being, mental health, higher education policy and practice, as well as social welfare law. For example, he has been active in mental health, public policy and research via his strategic work for Citizens Advice, NAWRA and NASMA. In recognition of the impact of his advice and campaign work ‘going above and beyond’ the call of duty, he was awarded NASMA Student Money Adviser of the year 2016. 

Eri’s central pedagogical interest is in nurturing critical thinking and complex concept development in students. His recent academic teaching experience includes co-teaching on modules across the three main faculties of Edge Hill University. This includes teaching on topics such as justice & criminology (health), mind & behaviour (psychology), and conceptions of education (education). Recently he led on the problem-based learning course which equips undergraduates with key academic skills using dialogical and social constructivist pedagogical approaches. He will soon be leading on teaching provision for the School of Education at Bath Spa University in the areas of education policy and inclusion.

Eri’s research interests are at the cross-roads between epistemology and ethics. In particular, he is interested in using philosophical skills to better understand social problems. His interests in concepts such as ‘well-being’ and ‘happiness’ led him to focus his PhD research on a conceptual analysis of ‘human flourishing which due for completion in 2021. He has had the opportunity to share his research and read papers at numerous international conferences on the problems of reductionist accounts of normative concepts such as ‘wonder’ and ‘human flourishing’, and will be reading further papers over the coming year on related topics.

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