Supporting you to help your community to flourish.

FlourishCafé is a not-for-profit social enterprise community organisation. FlourishCafé™ offers an opportunity for passionate hearts and minds to come together to engage with their communities, institutions, organisations, governments, and businesses to help co-create a future where everyone has the opportunity to flourish. 

The overarching purpose of a FlourishCafé is to support you to support your community to flourish.

The concept of human flourishing can seem opaque and distant from everyday concerns, even elitist or perfectionist. This is why it is time to democratise the concept and take it to the people. FlourishCafés can become a truly powerful catalyst for dialogue at all levels (local, national, international) on what flourishing can mean for communities, but in accessible terms. 

In the context of a difficult period post-pandemic, alongside energy and financial crises, rising inequality, and political disengagement, the central aim of a FlourishCafé is to facilitate better understanding for how we can contribute to the flourishing and thriving for everyone within our communities from a ‘grassroots’ perspective.

Find out more, visit: https://www.flourishcafe.org

Eri Mountbatten-O'Malley


Researcher, teacher and campaigner