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Circle of Adults - process

Inclusive Solutions explain their inclusive problem solving model.

Circle of Adults is an in-depth process that supports professional teams to problem solve together around a person of any age presenting with complex social, emotional and behavioural needs.

This innovative process enables adults involved in working with the person to reflect and hypothesise about this young person’s needs. This leads to joint problem-solving around ways forward to support this person in their care or educational setting.

Circle of Adults uses a structured process and graphic facilitation to guide staff through a set of key questions to reach a deeper understanding of a person’s behaviour and needs.

This deeper understanding is used to generate new strategies for the team’s work with the person.

The process takes around 90 minutes.

Examples of feedback from staff who have attended the sessions include:

The session was very helpful in planning ways forward and empowering for staff

Headteacher, Devon primary school

It is the first time that we have shared how this behaviour impacts on us and it’s good to know how we can support each other

Teacher, Devon primary school

Brilliant! Getting staff to agree and adhere to common strategies is the key to success 

Teacher, Torbay

Find out more via the Inclusive Solutions website.


Colin Newton