Out Now: Everyday Citizenship

The new book by Wendy Perez and Simon Duffy shares how everyone can be a full citizen.

News | 25.01.24

We're very excited to share the news that the book: ‘Everyday Citizenship: Seven keys to a life well lived’ is available to buy now!

Order ‘Everyday Citizenship’ from Red Press at: https://redpress.co.uk

The book is also available to purchase in all good bookstores. 

Discounts for bulk orders are also available please email Red Press: info@redpress.co.uk

Publishing the book has taken lots of energy, love and patience and we'd like to thank everyone who's helped us to get here. It's been a terrific journey and we couldn't have done it without editorial support from Clare Tarling, artistic flair from Ester Ortega and publishing expertise from Katherine Knotts and Olivia Griffith at Red Press.

We're very happy to hear that the book has been so well received and our thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to share their comments so far.

We've already had a lovely review from Crip Life and gained a place on @blindishlatina's book list, thank you both.

Thank you to friends and colleagues who have praised the book:

‘A good life doesn’t start with experts. It starts with you. Here are the simple, powerful steps you can take.’ 

~ Sue Swenson, Inclusion International and mum to Charlie

‘The resonance of Wendy’s voice and the depth of Simon’s study of philosophy combine to create a book of practical wisdom.’ 

~ John O'Brien, Author and advocate

‘This book is beautiful to the eye, to the heart and to the mind.’

~ Dr Kirsten Jæger Fjetland, VID Specialized University, Norway

‘Wendy is a role model for the next generation who are becoming adults and citizens now.’

~ Gary Bourlet, Learning Disability England

‘Profoundly important; beautifully simple; a book full of pragmatism and hope.’

~ Kate Fulton, Avivo

‘An essential analysis of the ingredients for human thriving.’

~ Jon Alexander, Author Citizens

‘Every page is bursting with power and possibility.’

~ Carol Blessing, Cornell University

‘My organisation lives by the ethos of citizenship in this book.’

~ Vinesh Kumar, iDirect

‘Wendy and Simon are a force for change, showing that what people aspire to is possible.’

Liz Leach Murphy, Chair of Disability Rights UK

‘An important, beautiful and inspiring book.’

~ Tim Keilty, New Prospects Association

‘This book brings humanity back to models of support and inclusion.’

~ Karen Parry, Inclusion North 

‘A must read for everyone seeking, and helping others seek, a life well lived.’

~ David Towell, Centre for Inclusive Futures

‘Wendy's real-life examples bring the keys to citizenship alive, a fantastic resource to help us all.’

~ Karyn Kirkpatrick, KeyRing 

‘Everyday Citizenship serves as a beacon of hope and a roadmap to a more inclusive society.’

~ Martyn Sibley, Purple Goat Agency 

‘An essential reminder for everyone working in social care provision, commissioning and policy-making that everything we do must be directed and led by the people we work for.’

~ Theresa Shearer, Enable

Author Wendy Perez writes:

“When I was small, life was hard because I could not talk. I couldn’t say what I needed to say, even though I had it in my head. Some teachers didn’t want to spend the extra time to help me. They planned to send me away to a residential school.

“But with love and support from my family and friends I have been constantly included in the life of my community. I have had to fight too, so some people say I am a loud-mouth, but nobody can stop me. I work, I wrote this book, I try to make society better. I have done more than anyone ever thought was possible, all because of love.”

Author Simon Duffy writes:

“What is everyday citizenship? It is certainly not a million miles away. It is something we can all achieve, although sometimes it might take a little bit of imagination and some hard work.

“Everyday citizenship is one answer to the question: What is life about? And it’s certainly a lot better than fame, money, power or any of the empty things we are encouraged to pursue. When we become citizens not only does our life become better we also help make the world a better place.

“And citizenship means: getting help, not being afraid of help and understanding that we all need to help each other. I’ve certainly been very lucky to have such good help. I first wrote the ‘Keys to Citizenship’ 21 years ago, but with help first from Wendy and then from so many others, I think we’ve created something even better - more accessible, more beautiful and more powerful.”

You might like to join Wendy and Simon at one or more book tour events or you might like to put on your own event — we've got some handy resources to help you.

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