Global survey on a good welfare system

Complete the Citizen Network global survey to let people know what you think a good welfare system should be like.

Research | 08.05.19

In partnership with the Centre for Welfare Reform, Citizen Network has launched a global survey to explore what makes a good welfare system.

We want to find out what people think about some of the critical moral principles that underpin the design of social security systems, for example:


Please feel free to copy this link and share via social media, newsletters, email or on your own website. All views welcome.

Data will be collected until the end of August. A report describing the result of the survey will be published in Autumn 2019. This is work is being carried out for free (pro bono) as part of the Citizen Network's mission to create a world where everyone matters. The report will be published by the Centre for Welfare Reform and made available for free download.