Disability activists say vote Labour

In a letter to The Guardian, leading disability activists and their allies urge people to vote for Labour in the General Election 2017.

News | 18.05.17

Leading disability activists and their allies, including Fellows of the Centre for Welfare Reform, Gary Bourlet, Catherine Hale and Simon Duffy, have signed a letter to The Guardian which summarises the seven years of appalling policy by Conservative led governments.

The letter is avaialble to read in full on The Guardian's website:


The Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, Dr Simon Duffy gave his personal reasons for backing the Labour Party:

"Since 2010 one of the most distressing features of politics in the UK had been the failure of the Labour Party to challenge austerity and the very harmful welfare reform policies of the Conservative led governments. This has now changed under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. The new Labour Manifesto demonstrates clearly that the Labour Party is listening to disabled people and their families and recognises their human rights.

"I know that the Green Party, the SNP and Plaid Cymru have also been challenging the Government's appalling record on disability rights. The Centre is also a strong supporter of the movement for a Progressive Alliance, led by Compass, and of constitutional reform in the UK. However, at this time, in most places in England and Wales, supporting the Labour Party will be the best way of supporting the rights of disabled people and their families."

The Centre for Welfare Reform is sharing a wide variety of resources to help campaigners in the run up to the General Election, see more here.

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