Citizen Network at IASSIDD - August 2019

Citizen Network is working in partnership with IASSIDD to encourage contributions on equal citizenship and inclusion at its 2019 World Congress in Glasgow.

Event | 16.11.18

Members of Citizen Network are presenting at the IASSIDD Future for All conference this August in Glasgow.

Members of Citizen Network in Scotland have organised the first CitizenFest: We Are One. A festival of equality and diversity. All are welcome.

Official IASSIDD World Congress: Future for All - 5th-9th August

Information about the full IASSIDD programme is available here

Citizen Network member contributions include:

The New Eugenics – Concerns, Arguments and Questions
Hans Reinders, Timothy Stainton and Trevor Parmenter
Monday 13.30-16.30

Our Goal is Citizenship
Simon Duffy
Tuesday 09:00

Citizenship and Human Rights
Leanne Pearman
Tuesday 09.15

The New Eugenics - What Do Families Say About Ethics and Quality of Life?
Tim Stainton
Tuesday 12.30-14.00

The Love Project
Claire Bates

Global Progress on Self-Directed Support
Simon Duffy
Tuesday 16:30-16:45

Self-direction Worldwide: Contrasting Beliefs and their Impact on Practice
Lynn Breedlove
Tuesday 16.45

Basic Income as a New Platform for Disability Benefits
Simon Duffy
Tuesday 17:15-17:30

Improving employment outcomes for individuals with IDD: Gender Matters!
Rachelle Hole
Wednesday 9.15-9.30

Citizenship in everydaylife – contextual examples
Anna Chalachanova
Wednesday 11.45-12.00

People with intellectual disabilities and smart welfare services
Katja Valkama
Wednesday 11:30

Rethinking Organisations in Community Services
Kate Fulton
Wednesday 11:45 to 12:00

People with ID in the middle of reforming the Finnish social and health care
Katja Valkama
Wednesday 16:45

Experiences of the National Disability Insurance Scheme from the perspectives of adults with intellectual disabilities
Angus Buchanan
Thursday 9.15

The Benefits to Hiring Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Employers’ Perspectives
Rachelle Hole
Thursday 9.15-9.30

Parent or Protection - exploration of services for parents with intellectual disability from Australia
Darren Ginnelly
Thursday 15.30-15.45

Quality Standards for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD/PMID)
Michael Fullerton
Thursday 15.00 - 15.15

Inclusive research and people with profound and multiple disability
Anita Gjermestad
Friday 9.00-9.15

From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow: developing family resilience, forging positive futures for our children
Pippa Murray
Friday 15.15-15.30

Navigating complexity and challenge using a human rights based approach
Sam Smith
Friday 15.45-16.00

Please get in touch if you see any errors or anyone missing.

CitizenFest: We Are One - 9-11th August

Celebrating the beauty of difference and the value of equality

On Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning Citizen Network members have organised Citizenfest: We Are One. to celebrate a world where everyone matters.

This will be an inclusive event bringing together music, dance, technology, spoken word – and every aspect of human expression and creativity: find out more here.

Additional Events for Citizen Network Members: 

This will also be a great opportunity for Citizen Network members from around the world to meet at the Congress and take part in CitizenFest. We will also be organising additional meetings to help people connect and plan the further development of Citizen Network.

Wednesday 7th August: How can we develop Citizen Network as a global movement?

Thursday 8th August: What are we learning about self-direction and citizenship for all?

Friday 9th August: How can we connect different groups and different perspectives? 

If you are a Citizen Network member coming to the IASSIDD Conference who would like to get involved with other Citizen Network events and happenings please contact John Dalrymple directly