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Your Options Understood (Y.O.U) have launched a new interactive e-learning platform.

Y.O.U have recently launched a new interactive e-learning platform. The content includes voice overs provided by Dr Danielle Farrel, Managing Director of Your Options Understood (Y.O.U), who has designed all the training based on her lived experience of Cerebral Palsy.

Y.O.U’s e-learning platform is an exciting new addition to its existing services. Initially designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Y.O.U has now developed an e-learning platform that hosts a range of training courses covering a variety of topics that are relevant across multiple sectors.

The areas currently covered are:

Bespoke training can also be designed by Y.O.U and Dr Danielle Farrel to meet the specific training and educational needs of each organisation. 

All of Y.O.U’s e-learning content comes with the option to have an additional live session with Dr Danielle Farrel after participants have completed a module. This will give participants the chance to enhance what they have learned through Y.O.U’s interactive e-learning platform and ask Dr Danielle Farrel direct questions about anything they have learned and benefit further from her first-hand knowledge and experience of living with a disability. 

Y.O.U’s e-learning content is designed using specific software that can be used to adapt and amend modules making them accessible in other countries where English is not their first language

A complete live session is also available if organisations would prefer this approach to providing training to ensure that disabled people, families, and organisations involved in their support could still remain upskilled in areas that affect their practices and daily life. 

Whether you are an individual receiving support who employs their own personal assistants, a support provider organisation or a public sector organisation who strives to be inclusive for all, please get in touch. 

Email Danielle at: or telephone: 07938998091 to discuss your bespoke training and educational needs.

You can also find out more at:

Y.O.U looks forward to hearing from and working with you.

Training | 12.01.21

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