We Are All Citizens

Promoting citizenship for people with learning disabilities.

Author: Karen Parry

For the past year a partnership of diverse organisations has been working on the We Are All Citizens project.

Inclusion North worked with Sunderland People First, a self-advocacy group and also a member of Citizen Network, and:

Citizenship is important because it reminds us that we can each live a good life, in our own way, while also being able to live together with mutual respect.

Citizenship means rejecting the idea that people’s worth can be measured by money, power, fame, intelligence or any of the other ways that make people different and which some people imagine define ‘what is important’.

There is a workbook, guidance and film that everyone can use. It has been created for people who would like to think differently about their life, make changes and have support to become citizens.

Click on the links below to read and download the (pdfs):

There is also a video collecting together ideas about what citizenship means to different people.

The resources were built upon the work about the Keys to Citizenship, developed by Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform. 

We would encourage everyone to download and use the resources. We have tried not to be prescriptive about how they should be used, as they will work differently for different people in different places. 

But it is NOT an assessment tool to do TO people. It belongs to the people and is about them defining what a good life means on their own terms.

Find out more about Inclusion North and the project on their website.


Project | 23.05.19

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Karen Parry


CEO of Inclusion North CIC

Kellie Woodley


Director at People First

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