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Inclusion Press is about inclusion — for all — in education and community. 

Inclusion Press has been creating and sharing resources to build and sustain an inclusive world. It’s foundation is a group of remarkable colleagues who share the life long passion to build a world that welcomes the talents and capacities of every person into full participation as a citizen in the community. 

Jack Pearpoint, Lynda Kahn and Cathy Hollands have recently updated the Inclusion Press website and are keen to share its fantastic resources with everyone.

“ is a virtual bath in the history and reality of inclusion. We have collected and curated a wide ranging collection of articles, videos, books – resources that summarise both the evolution and practice of inclusion – as told by many of the key authors and developers of Person Centered Practices – Circles of Support, MAPS, PATH, and more.”

Inclusion Press have created collections (libraries) of some key articles, videos and resources. Most are ‘free downloads”. Many are treasures that reflect decades of work and development. These are a good start on a curated archive as seen by some of the key creators and actors in the cultural struggle to introduce and nurture the basic concepts of ‘inclusion’ and ‘person-centered’ work.

Check out the website to:

the deep history of inclusion. Discover more at:

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Inspiration | 24.10.19

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