How to Sponsor Citizen Network

This guide explains how to support Citizen Network, our projects and our networks.

Citizen Network needs your help to do its work. Sponsorship is a great way to help us create a world where everyone matters.

Citizen Network is a new kind of community dedicated to helping everyone be a citizen and supporting change at an individual, community and global levels. There are many different projects you can support in many different ways

Sponsorship Levels

There are different kinds of sponsorship levels to suit different needs:

  1. Global Sponsorship - financial support for actions that reach the whole world
  2. National Sponsorship - financial support for targeted actions
  3. Support Packages - providing at least 4 days per year of practical or consultancy support

Sponsorship Benefits

As well as helping advance self-direction locally and worldwide, other benefits include:

To find out more please contact Citizen Network CEO Markus Vähälä directly

Handbook | 18.03.24

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CEO Citizen Network Coop