CitizenFest 2021

CitizenFest is a celebration of inclusive citizenship, and the possibilities of a world where everyone matters – without exception. 

CitizenFest is an opportunity to get together, to learn from each other, creating and sharing a world community through shared values.

CitizenFest 2021

The 3rd CitizenFest took place on 25th and 26th August. The No Labels No Walls (NLNW) Digital Festival - Creating Action Together - formed part of Kukunori week in Helsinki, Finland and was hosted by Kukunori and The Strindberg Laboratory based in Los Angeles, USA. It is exciting to see that the Action continues!

The Toronto Summer Institute (TSI) was a great success; thank you to Inclusion Press for all their hard work bringing it to us online. We'll be sharing more from the TSI soon so watch this space!

Many Congratulations to Opus Independents and the fantastic Festival of Debate team for the first CitizenFest of this year. If you missed it you can catch up and watch what happened here.

In 2022 we are lining up additional CitizenFests, for example in Galway and in Glasgow with We Are One, so don't stop planning!

Why don't you run a CitizenFest in your community? If you feel inspired get in touch with us, email Markus:

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