CitizenFest 2020

This is a record of CitizenFest in 2020.

CitizenFest 2020 was a great success - building on the first CitizenFest held in Glasgow in 2019, we joined with our fantastic allies in Los Angeles and Helsinki to create 3 CitizenFests and saw:

The Strindberg Laboratory have captured the spirit and energy of the weeks' festivities in their film:

Massive thanks to everyone who joined in, we're looking forward to next year's CitizenFest already!

CitizenFest is a celebration of inclusive citizenship, and the possibilities of a world where everyone matters – without exception. 

CitizenFest is an opportunity to get together, to learn from each other, creating and sharing a world community through shared values.

Why don't you run a CitizenFest in your community? 

If you feel inspired get in touch with us, email Markus:

Project | 15.09.20

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Frances Brown


Director of Radical Visions

John Dalrymple


Citizen Network Coop Supervisory Board Member

Markus Vähälä


CEO Citizen Network Coop

Meri Pakarinen


Co-Founder of No Labels No Walls

Michael Bierman


Co-Founder of No Labels No Walls