Citizen-Centered Leadership

Training from the Citizen-Centred Leadership Resource and Learning Center at Cornell University.

In 2010, Carol Blessing created the landmark Citizen-Centered Leadership Development (CCLD), Community of Practice, a 15-week blended learning intensive course of study offered twice a year.

Citizen-Centered Leadership™ is at the hub of a growing number of people who are concerned with preserving the integrity of landmark advances in the Inclusion movement while stepping boldly away from the traditional practices that hold people with disabilities back from full citizenship expression. 

Our tagline is: 

“See How 15 Weeks Can Change the World!”

The following courses are available to join online in 2021:


Citizenship as a Social Construct – People with disabilities are often left at the sidelines of community participation. There is little or no expectation that they will contribute to society in the same way that people without disabilities do. Please join Carol in a free 90 minute webinar session exploring citizen-centered leadership as an essential context for social inclusion through which all really does mean all. 

Date: January 5, 2021
Time: 8:30 am – 10:00 am United States EST

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15 week online course (beginning in January and September 2021)

The Citizen-Centered Leadership™ Development Community of Practice series is a unique combination of self-paced distance learning study, robust field work, interactive class assignments and live webcast instruction designed to advance theoretic and skill-based learning leading to quality outcomes in the lives of people with disabilities. 

Dates: January 5, 2021 and September 7, 2021 

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To find out more email Carol Blessing at: or visit 

“Thank you so much Carol, this course is eye-opening and near to life-changing! Thanks for having me!” 

~ Participant S.F., Germany, Fall 2020 CCLD course participant

I signed up for CCLD to further my Leadership skills. It did that and so much more. The revolutionary design of co-creation between a service provider and a service recipient is groundbreaking. It helped shift my scope of work. I knew immediately that my entire management team must attend this course. This has become part of the key coursework for the management team of my agency. Grateful for the opportunity! 

~ B.G., San Diego, CA

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Carol Blessing


Coordinator of Citizen Network USA