Beyond Beveridge

An exploration of how the welfare state can be redesigned to put people at its centre.

The Centre worked with the University of Birmingham to explore how the welfare state can be redesigned to put people at its centre. 

A series of policy papers were published outlining where real and radical reform is possible:

21st Century Beveridge - Professor Jon Glasby, Dr Simon Duffy and Dr Catherine Needham argue that the time is ripe for a radical review of the current welfare settlement. 

A Fair Start - Dr Pippa Murray explains how the current health and social care and education systems for disabled children undermines families and encourages approaches that are bad for disabled children.

Active Patient - Vidhya Alakeson, a respected researcher, argues that the current health care system is letting down some important groups of people who would benefit from more discretion over their care.

Local Justice - Clare Hyde MBE argues that one of the keys to reducing crime and our over-dependency on the prison system is to start shifting resources and control back to local communities. 

Positively Local - John Gillespie, a specialist in local community action, argues we fail local communities by labelling them as 'deprived' and then making then dependent on public services. 

A Fair Income - Dr Simon Duffy examines the tax-benefit system in the UK and finds that the system is confused and unfair. The poorest are enmeshed in poverty and the system panders to swing voters.

Project | 04.01.12

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Clare Hyde MBE


Director of Foundation for Families

Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network