Beverley Smith

Carers' rights activist

Beverley has been working for over 40 years to get better legal, economic and social status for men or women who do unpaid caregiving roles. She is past president of Kids First Parent Association of Canada.

Beverley initially started to write a few letters to government and then found herself making submissions to finance committees, attending rallies, organising petitions and networking with others. This lead to international activism, meetings with government leaders in Canada and an invitation to speak to UN delegates and non-delegates in New York City. She is not affiliated with any political party and seeks common ground among all of them.

Beverley's activism is of course unpaid but it is something of a life mission. She considers it a privilege and a duty to try to advance equality issues and a great support for those who tend the young, sick, disabled, frail elderly and dying. 

Beverley loves doing research on this topic and for the last twenty years has edited and distributed a free online international newsletter about caregiving.

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