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Norma Curran

Norma Curran

Having worked in the field of employment for the past 18 years, Norma has been involved in all aspects of supported employment including job coaching, managing services and practitioner training.

Norma managed The Open Project (ENABLE Scotland) in Paisley; one of the first supported employment services in Scotland for 9 years and has written various strategies and policies in relation to supported employment over the years. As her post developed within ENABLE Scotland she had the opportunity to manage and develop a wide range of services for people with learning difficulties. In addition to this she has always been involved in staff practice development.

Norma took up the post of Coordinator of Values Into Action Scotland (VIAS) in 2009. VIAS is an organisation which provides training/consultancy; campaigns/lobbies and conducts research to enhance the lives of people with learning difficulties in Scotland. VIAS's current area of special interest is employment and, in partnership with others, Norma has been working on a range of exciting developments since taking up post. The most notable activities are:

  • Young Scotland’s Got Talent – a campaign calling for better employment supports for young people with disabilities
  • The development of a Career Planning Pack which offers people cradle to grave career planning resources
  • The Geeza Life, Geeza Job pilot training programme that promotes the use of systematic instruction to help people achieve goals in all aspects of their lives

Norma lives with her husband who is a Joiner and two sons. Hobbies are few and far between but house restoration/renovation seems to have been a core activity throughout their married lives!!