Thomas Doukas

Executive Coach & Consultant

Thomas is a qualified executive coach, consultant and trainer with over 15 years’ experience working in the third and corporate sectors, and academia.

He’s passionate about human power and helping people to achieve growth in their personal and professional life. In his coaching practice he adopts a hands-on, collaborative style of coaching where he works together with the person to create change. He facilitates a process of enquiry and discussion to help gain awareness and clarity regarding a situation or a topic, which will then enable them to make progress in some way.

Born in Athens, Greece, he firstly studied Philosophy in Italy where he spent few years working after his first degree. He’s lived for over 20 years in London, originally arriving to study a master’s degree in Linguistics. Following this, he earned his PhD in Psychology and Clinical Languages Sciences at University of Reading which focused on psychology of language, neurolinguistics and developmental studies. Author of a range of articles and publications both academic and extracurricular. You can read some of his articles here:

Classically educated his modus operandi is the Socratic method (also known as maieutic). This is a method of elenchus, a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.

Previously Thomas worked as Head of Inclusive Research & Involvement at Choice Support. His role was key for the development of inclusive research and involvement; with the aim of improving the lifestyles of and citizenship for people with disabilities by influencing policy and strategy. He has teaching experience in a variety of universities in the UK and he has presented his research at many international conferences.

Thomas comes with a range of ‘labels’ underneath his name, but he’s always Thomas to start with: a contemporary renaissance man; a linguist and half-baked academic; passionate about communication and human rights; self-declared eco-warrior and new age communist and as a result an unswerving philanthropist; a clumsy photographer; Greek, but feeling Italian too, yet a proud Londoner; avid bookworm; A typical ‘scanner’, he is interested in lots of different and seemingly unrelated things; fascinated by something different every week and I love starting on lots of different projects all at once!

Strong cultural awareness gained via a unique mix of European experience and multilingual skills (fluent in Greek, English, Italian and Level III knowledge of British Sign Language). With his Linguistics’ background he is always interested on cracking and decoding good communication; appreciate the limitations of language and human communication and as a result he likes to explore and analyse the misunderstandings.

Thomas also loves reading and the theatre and the outdoors when it’s not raining (which is not very often in London!). Since last year he's endeavoured to create a vegetable patch in the garden, but he is still at the early stages of the designing process!

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