Malcolm Henry

Director of QEI Projects Ltd

Malcolm has been involved in the development of small businesses over a 30 year period, latterly managing a variety of commercial and community design-and-build projects. Much of his life has been spent searching for pragmatic solutions to his clients' problems, trying to find elegant ways to improve the interface between the person and the thing that's being designed.

Over the last decade Malcolm has been using the same approach while researching, thinking and writing about our economy. The financial crash of 2007-08 prompted him to look beyond the inadequacies of conventional economic theory and investigate how money and debt actually work and how they influence the economy for good or ill. He has concluded that money is pure genius - possibly the cleverest thing that humankind has ever invented - but we are using it in the stupidest possible way.

In order to harness the genius of money Malcolm proposes combining ideas that are already well-established - sovereign currency, universal basic income, and negative interest - into a reliable financial system that will allow us to develop a thriving, sustainable economy in which everyone can prosper.

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