John Gillespie

Director of New Gestalt Voices

John has a background in supporting better services by helping commissioners and service providers respond to the needs of their customers. He has held CEO positions and has worked across voluntary, public and commercial sectors in business development and leadership positions where success has depended on making relationships work and navigating strategic and contextual challenges. Most recently John was Director of BowHaven mental health charity in East London.

John previously worked with the Health Empowerment Leverage Project (HELP), a Department of Health funded project to encourage agency and community partnerships in health services. And before that John led In Control's Community programme between 2008-10 to support commissioners and social care providers to adjust to the needs of personal budget holders living independently.

John is enduring an endless training as a gestalt psychotherapist, and also runs New Gestalt Voices (NGV), an international non-profit organisation, dedicated to bringing applications of gestalt to the wider world in service or social justice and environmental sustainability agendas. NGV works across a number of domains including therapy, organisational/business, health, education, community and government/political.

His work has given him insight into the dual pressures facing charities to compete for scarcer resources with their private sector counterparts, versus providing better and more responsive services to people.

Apart from this, John has a cat and lives in Kings Cross.

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