Self Directed Futures

Training and development consultancy empowering individuals and families to take control of their support. SDS Network England Host

Self Directed Futures is a social enterprise that shares part of the profits we make to support the wider work of Citizen Network, a global cooperative dedicated to furthering self-directed support approaches. Our mission is to help create a world where we believe and act as if everyone, every single person, matters. Achieving citizenship and self-direction for all is our main goal and at the heart of what we do.

Our achievements include:

We want to build on this work and continue to support many more organisations to develop their approaches to personalised support.

As members of the Self-Directed Support Network, an international movement, we are also passionate about promoting the development of self-directed Support, citizenship, inclusion and diversity around the world - we see that being part of the Cooperative will help further catalyse this. 

Chris Watson, Self Directed Futures