CareMatch Ltd

SDS Network England Sponsor

CareMatch is a unique opportunity to help Care Receivers find a small team of Care Givers to enable them to live at home well. Once the Care Receiver has selected their small team of Care Givers they form a “Care Hub”, which is a space where family members, permitted advocates and friends can interact with the care team to ensure the Care Receivers achieve their outcomes and the care delivery is personal. 

Once the Care Hub has been created Care Receivers are on their way to receiving great care. As they see the same small team of dedicated carers through the week, the carers can be familiar with likes and dislikes and how each Care Receiver wants things done. All Care Givers involved in any of the Care Hubs are part of a wider community of carers –“The Community”- who are overseen by a Coach. This extra support means there is always someone to help in times of need and there is always a competent individual who can advise and direct all members.

Added to this support network the platform gives all Care Receivers the ability to control their care plan, their rotas of when the carers should visit as well as enabling them to pay the carers directly, accurately, efficiently and with no hassle. No payrolls to worry about, no invoices to track everything is completed real time through the platform with full auditability and complete control of what is spent when. We are an End-to-end solution that enables all Care Receivers to manage their budgets, their care and payment through one system. All carers are carefully verified before they become visible to be matched so we take care of the safeguarding aspects that are related to care for both the Care Receiver and Care Giver.

As well as providing an all-encompassing solution for the Care Receiver, we provide a platform for carers to find work, engage with Care Receivers who would benefit from their skill set, match their hobbies and interests and automatically invoice at the point of delivery. CareMatch provide Care Givers with a support infrastructure not typically available for self-managing lone workers. All carers delivery is recorded, date and time stamped to safeguard both member types - the Care Giver and the Care Receiver.

We believe the important relationship is that between the Care Giver and Care Receiver. We have provided a mechanism to develop and support a safe working relationship that enables a meaningful service that is truly personal and flexible. Working with all members in mind we can ensure safeguards are in place to protect all parties.