Democratic Yorkshire

For a place where everyone matters.

Emancipation of our region

Yorkshire is situated in the north of England. It is the country’s largest region, with a population of around 5.4 million. It is a place of outstanding beauty in many parts. Not that long ago it was the bedrock of the country’s industrial wealth but now sits amongst the poorest and most neglected areas.

There are two big questions in our mind. Firstly, how do we see the future of our region developing over the coming 50/100 years? Secondly, What kind of government arrangements are necessary to achieve that vision?

Evidence is emerging of increasing support for a regional government in Yorkshire.

The way things are, not only here in Yorkshire but the whole of the United Kingdom requires second-order change to our constitution and political arrangements. Tinkering around the edges at the whim of those already in power and manipulated to their benefit has proven not to work.

For convenience we have grouped what we feel necessary for the emancipation of Yorkshire under four headings. These are: 

The diagram below illustrates how these four areas closely interconnect.

There is much that we can learn about these four areas through dialogue with other members of the network, however big the distance between us. In return, we hope that you can benefit from some of our experiences in Yorkshire.

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Philip Hardstone


Coordinator of Democratic Yorkshire

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