Democratic Yorkshire

The way Britain is currently governed fails to serve the best interests of Yorkshire

Last century, generations of Yorkshires children and young people were held back from reaching their potential or daring to dream of a better future, many being forced to work in the bowels of the earth, in the exhausting heat of the steel works, dangers of the North Sea, environmentally unpleasant textile mills, and factories to scrape a small living. 

That is simply not good enough!

Democratic Yorkshire is about securing a better future for current and future generations of Yorkshire men and women.

The following presentation, given to the One Yorkshire Committee in May 2022, explains more about us:

We joined Citizen Network because we agree with colleagues, it is time to bring an end to Westminster’s rule and that the absence of real democracy is at the heart of the multiple injustices that Yorkshire faces. 

We cannot hope to address the poverty that exists in Yorkshire, growing inequality, poor housing, the quality of public services, the education gap, or ecological sustainability of our County without at the same time addressing a broken democracy that fails to respond to the genuine needs and moderate aspirations of its citizens. 

A new Democratic Yorkshire will unite the County, provide a fair and just society, enable our citizens to fully participate in decision making, and provide hope of a better future for our children.

We believe that it is time to look for an alternative approach to governing our County, one that puts the people in charge of Yorkshire’s affairs. 

The intention is to eventually launch a full-scale independent citizen-led constitutional convention on Yorkshire's future, one where ordinary people, not just the politicians and experts, will have their say and decide what happens.  

But there is still a lot of groundwork to do before we get to that stage. We have given ourselves the deadline of Yorkshire Day (1st August) 2024 to produce a report on the completion of this groundwork.

Our first task is to think about the more detailed long-term outcomes we hope a new Democratic Yorkshire will achieve over time. 

The second task before us will be to start putting a democratic framework together, one capable of delivering on these desired outcomes.

As a member of Citizen Network we will be calling upon the wisdom of colleagues and others outside the network to help complete these tasks. 

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Organiser at Democratic Yorkshire

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