Connecting Community and Services

How do we move from services that access the community to services that are a valued part of their community?

Closing the gap between services and community

At KeyRing we've noticed that there is amazing work happening across services to connect people with their community. There are also great community approaches that draw on local skills and assets. These two approaches are complimentary but somehow not quite joined up. 

We are inviting organisations from across the world to connect - we want to celebrate and learn from each other.

We had our first informal online meet-up in June 2023. It was brilliant to connect with so many of you from across the world and from various sectors including: education, social care, health and community groups.

Heather Calvo shared Neighbourhood Networks' experiences of the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach that they are currently investigating. Neighbourhood Networks is a charity based in Scotland that supports people to live active and healthy lives within their local communities. It is an approach based on KeyRing Living Support Networks and recognises the value of peer support and community connection. We were also pleased to hear other people's experiences and insights. 

One thing became clear during our conversation: we all want to learn from each other. There are only so many papers we can read and things we can do in isolation before we look for advice, solidarity and support from people who have faced and hopefully overcome the barriers we confront.

Join us — let's keep the conversation open and continue together to: explore different themes, discuss common questions and share our experiences. 

Please fill in your details below and we'll keep you up-to-date with future meetings and actions. 

We look forward to connecting!

If you have any questions please email Charlie Crabtree at KeyRing for more information.