Citizen Network TV

Supporting people to develop films, programmes and webinars

Citizen Network is a global movement to make citizenship reality for all. It is maintained by individuals and groups supported by a not-for-profit cooperative and it is based on sharing action, learning and Citizen Network values.

Through the Citizen Network TV channel we believe we can achieve big things together - get our voices heard, network with people around the world and grow. 

Our mission is to be ourselves, and create versatile, quality content from our hearts - about the matters that are important to us, things we are proud of, things we want to change, and things we want to create from nothing.

We use YouTube as our platform and our channel Citizen Network TV (CNTV) is co-owned. 

You can view the channel at:

The Handbook on how to be a CNTV creator is here.

Fionn & Jonathan Angus

Ireland (Republic)

Citizen Network Ambassadors

Markus Vähälä


CEO Citizen Network Coop

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