Self Directed Futures

Providing expertise to make self-directed support work for everyone

Self-Directed Futures is not just a social enterprise; it's a commitment to a global cause. Our mission is simple yet profound – to foster a world where every individual matters, believing and acting accordingly. Achieving citizenship and self-direction for all is not just a goal; it's the essence of our work.

We are driven to empower individuals and families, facilitating control over their support and enabling the creation of lives they aspire to live. Rooted in community, our approach celebrates each person's unique gifts and talents.

Our associates bring extensive experience in enhancing health and social care systems, specialising in commissioning, brokerage, training, coaching, and the practical implementation of Individual Service Funds (ISFs). We collaborate with Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, and support provider organisations, offering a range of expertise to develop co-produced change programs that yield excellent outcomes.

Our services include:

As members of the Self-Directed Support Network, an international movement, we are passionate about promoting the development of Self-Directed Support, citizenship, inclusion, and diversity worldwide. 

A portion of our profits goes towards supporting Citizen Network, a cooperative dedicated to advancing self-directed support approaches globally.

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Let's build a world where self-direction is not just a choice but a universal reality. For more information about Self Directed Futures visit:

Chris Watson


Founder of Self Directed Futures

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