Radical Visions

Leading thinking on alternatives for social care in Scotland

Radical Visions for Social Care is a national person-led, human rights driven, policy and ideas platform in Scotland, describing and campaigning for systems-level solutions in health and social care enabling citizens to be fully in control, respected, and valued by society.

This platform will advance arguments which support the general thrust of the approach proposed in the Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland, published in February 2021, but extend it in important ways:

The platform will provide a forum where ideas can be shared and debated by individuals and families, professionals and decision-makers and where new thought-leadership can emerge. It will strive to communicate the bigger picture – describing systemic problems and offering clear, radical solutions. It will seek to change the discourse and inspire action.

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Frances Brown


Director of Radical Visions

John Dalrymple


Director of Radical Visions

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