Training people of all ages to become facilitators of change

The Human Awakening (Manavodaya) Mission is engaging youth as facilitators of change for awareness and action among deprived communities and in educational institutions. 

This is a movement for promoting conscious living, enabling and empowerment of communities towards sustainable development goals. 

 Capacity Building is key to successful intervention as it helps in gaining a new perspective in life and work. 

We plan to train and support several thousand youth facilitators during the next few years. 

We would like your help!

You can help provide a useful service to this cause through:

We will be able to celebrate achievements by sharing events and photographs.

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For a conversation about these services please email Varun Vidyarthi 

To find out more about Manavodaya visit:

Varun Vidyarthi


Founder and CEO of Manavodaya

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