Keys to Citizenship

All citizens can act on and share the keys to everyday citizenship

Keys to Citizenship was the nationally acclaimed concept conceived by Dr Simon Duffy and published as a guide to getting good support for people with learning disabilities in 2003. The principles have been adopted by many different groups, self-advocates, families and professionals.

Since 2010 Simon Duffy and Wendy Perez, a self-advocate with learning difficulties have been working together to improve the Keys to Citizenship.

There are now 7 Keys:

  1. Meaning
  2. Freedom
  3. Money
  4. Help
  5. Home
  6. Community
  7. Love

Wendy and Simon's new book Everyday Citizenship will be published by RedPress on 9th January 2024.

Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network

Wendy Perez


Founder of See Me As Me

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