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Supported Loving

For people with learning disabilities finding love is often more than just chemistry – it can come down to getting the right support from your staff.

Research shows that, like everyone else, people with learning disabilities want a loving relationship with a partner. Yet in the UK only 3% of people with learning disabilities live as part of a couple, compared to 70% of the general population.

The Supported Loving Campaign aims to:

  • highlight the importance of good support in helping people with learning disabilities develop and maintain loving relationships
  • identify what constitutes good and poor support in relationships.
  • share blogs from various contributors on the topic of good support in relationships
  • sharing stories in words, pictures and films, of good and bad support on Twitter @SupportedLoving and Facebook @SupportedLoving1.

Find out more and get involved – the team would love to share your stories and experiences – visit their blog hosted by Choice Support.