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Support Brokerage Training

Imagineer have designed this course to give you all of the information, understanding and practical tools you need to be able to practice as an Independent Support Broker. 

The course is delivered by members of the National Brokerage Network who are skilled trainers and experienced practitioners of Support Brokerage. 

You can book Support Brokerage training in the following ways:

  • Commission bespoke training for your organisation (or group together locally with other organisations in your area to arrange a ‘consortium’ training programme) tailored to your learning requirements
  • As a rolling or repeating programme - set training dates for people to book places at regular intervals
  • Online - book one or more spaces on our next ‘open’ course (currently being delivered online via Zoom platform)

There is also an option to complete accreditation at the end of the course, and become certified and registered with the National Brokerage Network.

Online courses are planned for June and September 2021.

For more information please visit:


or email: info@imagineer.org.uk


Liz Leach Murphy

Sarah Holmes


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