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Recovery through innovative qualifications – a case study

Reach Advocacy Scotland has been working with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) since 2014 to develop its unique advocacy qualification to support those who have been affected by Dual Diagnosis — co-existing mental health illness coupled with alcohol and/or drug misuse problems.

A case study has been published explaining more about their work with the SQA to develop the Advocacy Practice Award – you can read it (pdf) here.

Reach Advocacy Scotland say:

“We envisage the existing and future development of the advocacy awards being adopted in all sectors of health and social care. The young people of today could benefit from doing the award to learn how to apply their rights and receive accreditation whilst doing so. Looking to the future, we hope to roll out an e-learning platform so that interested organisations from all over the UK can have access to the qualification.”

To find out more about Reach Advocacy Scotland visit: www.reachadvocacy.net