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Now and Next - report

Sylvana Mahmic and Annick Janson have developed an exciting new approach to supporting families to bring up their children with disabilities to be full and active citizens.

This report describes a new high-point in the development of family-centred work. The idea of being family-centred has been with us for many years, and it does describe the approach of the best professionals: respecting the family’s expertise and supporting the network around the child. But too often professional power still dominates the family’s experience and negative stereotypes and expectations can build up which stop the family moving forward with hope.

Part of the answer to this is to make peer support – family to family support – an essential component of the way forward. But Now and Next goes beyond the normal patterns of peer support to develop an approach that has both rigour and depth. Now and Next has developed methods of planning, reflection and mutual support that really lift families to a new place of strength.

Now and Next takes the best of professional expertise and puts it at the service of families, without abandonment and without dependence. I am sure the growing ranks of the Now and Next Alumni will provide us with the foundations for a new wave of innovation, inclusion and active citizenship.

You can find out more about Now and Next on their blog at: www.now-and-next-alumni.blogspot.com

The report is available to read and download here.