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Manager training - a reading list

Tim Keilty of New Prospects, a Citizen Network group member based in the North East of England, has put together a list of resources that they use when training their managers.

Things we consider and discuss

  • How did we get to where we are? History and the perils of returning.
  • A big thinker who got us going – Wolfensberger
  • Keeping us going – Making it work – John O’Brien et al
  • John O’Brien’s 5 Valued experiences and Service Accomplishments, Simon Duffy’s Keys to Citizenship and the New Prospects Good Life outcomes.
  • Learning and facilitating a MAP
  • Building an Individual Service Design – thinking beyond ‘hours’ of support

Resources and a leisurely reading list

The PATH & MAPS Handbook. Person-Centred Ways to Build Community by John O’Brien, Jack Pearpoint, Jack and Lynda Kahn (2010, Inclusion Press)

A Little Book About Person Centered Planning – Ways to think about person-centered planning, its limitations, the conditions for its success Editors John O’Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien (1998, Inclusion Press)

Make a difference: A guidebook for person-centered support by John O’Brien and Beth Mount (2005, Inclusion Press)

SSR Supporting Social Roles by John O’Brien (2010, Inclusion Press)

visit the Inclusion Press website: http://www.inclusion.com

The Importance of Belonging by David Pitonyak visit: http://www.dimagine.com

Choosing What Matters – getting a life not just services by Heather Simmons visit: https://ddc.org.au

And, from the Centre for Welfare Reform:

  • 5 Basic Tasks for Service Providers by John O’Brien
  • Freedom Fighters by Clare Hyde
  • Citizenship: A Guide for Providers of Support by Sam Sly and Bob Tindall
  • Freedom: A Guide to Good Support by Simon Duffy
  • Personalised Support by Julia Fitzpatrick
  • Keys to Citizenship by Simon Duffy
  • No Going Back – Forgotten Voices from Prudhoe Hospital by Tim Keilty and Kellie Woodley
  • Individual Service Design – Making innovation happen by Simon Duffy

visit: https://www.centreforwelfarereform.org

Web links

For a really good illustrated exploration of John O’Brien’s 5 valued experiences and service accomplishments see:


For background to normalisation and Social Role valorisation see Social Role Valorization Theory and the Principle of Normalization by Raymond Lemay via:


Everyone has access to Open Future Learning and has done the Working on the Inside Module by Kate Fulton and also modules by David Pitonyak plus more, visit: