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CitizenFest is a celebration of inclusive citizenship, and the possibilities of a world where everyone matters – without exception. 

CitizenFest is an opportunity to get together, to learn from each other, creating and sharing a world community through shared values.

CitizenFest 2021

The 3rd CitizenFest in 2021 takes place on 25th and 26th August. 

The No Labels No Walls (NLNW) Digital Festival - Creating Action Together - forms part of Kukunori week in Helsinki, Finland and is hosted by Kukunori and The Strindberg Laboratory based in Los Angeles, USA.

You can register to take part now at:


The Toronto Summer Institute (TSI) was a great success; thank you to Inclusion Press for all their hard work bringing it to us online. We'll be sharing more from the TSI soon so watch this space!

Many Congratulations to Opus Independents and the fantastic Festival of Debate team for the first CitizenFest of this year. If you missed it you can catch up and watch what happened here.

CitizenFest 2021 Schedule

  • New Zealand - targeting July with Manawanui
  • Cincinnati - possible August with Starfire Cincy
  • Helsinki & Los Angeles - 25th & 26th August is the online No Labels No Walls (NLNW) Festival with Kukunori and The Strindberg Laboratory
  • Glasgow - 21st to 23rd October with We Are One
  • Perth
  • Madrid

We will be sharing content on Citizen Network TV - subscribe to the channel and keep up-to-date!

In 2022 we are lining up additional CitizenFests, for example in Galway, so don't stop planning!

Why don't you run a CitizenFest in your community? If you feel inspired get in touch with us, email Markus: markus.vahala@citizen-network.org

CitizenFest 2020

CitizenFest 2020 was a great success - building on the first CitizenFest held in Glasgow in 2019, we joined with our fantastic allies in Los Angeles and Helsinki to create 3 CitizenFests and saw:

  • 130 events - including arts, music, talks, dance, theatre
  • 3,000+ people attended one or more event
  • At least 51,000 people reached via social media
  • Sharing media between different people in different places
  • Locally hosted and online platforms

The Strindberg Laboratory have captured the spirit and energy of the weeks' festivities in their film:

Massive thanks to everyone who joined in, we're looking forward to next year's CitizenFest already!

CitizenFest 2019

CitizenFest Glasgow - We Are One took place in Glasgow in August 2019. 

John and Frances of Radical Visions brought together a wide range of organisations from across Scotland to build upon the 7 Keys to Citizenship, producing a programme covering 3 days of workshops, music, debate, art, films, stalls and food. 

Here's what happened:

We Are One on Facebook

We Are One on Twitter

#CitizenFest on Twitter

No Labels No Walls took place in Helsinki in September 2019. 

Markus of Kukunori, and The Strindberg Laboratory brought together diverse organisations and individuals to form a movement believing that what we have in common is more powerful than what separates us. 

Here's what happened:

No Labels No Walls on Facebook

No Labels No Walls on Instagram

No Labels No Walls on Twitter

Website: www.nolabelsnowalls.net


Markus Vähälä

John Dalrymple

Frances Brown