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CitizenFest is a celebration of inclusive citizenship, and the possibilities of a world where everyone matters – without exception. 

CitizenFest 2021

CitizenFest is an opportunity to get together, to learn from each other, creating and sharing a world community through shared values.

Why don't you run a CitizenFest in your community? If you feel inspired get in touch with us, email Markus: markus.vahala@citizen-network.org

We're already planning for CitizenFests in:

  • Sheffield4th May to 6th June with the Festival of Debate 
  • New Zealand - possible June with Manawanui
  • Cincinnati - August with Starfire Cincy
  • Toronto - Toronto Summer Institute with Inclusion Press
  • Helsinki & Los Angeles - 26th & 27th August with NLNW and Strindberg Laboratory
  • Glasgow - 30th September to 3rd October with We Are One
  • Galway
  • Perth
  • Madrid

And beyond...

Why don't you join us and start a CitizenFest where you are?

Content will be shared and stored on Citizen Network TV

CitizenFest 2020

CitizenFest 2020 was a great success - building on the first CitizenFest held in Glasgow in 2019, we joined with our fantastic allies in Los Angeles and Helsinki to create 3 CitizenFests and saw:

  • 130 events - including arts, music, talks, dance, theatre
  • 3,000+ people attended one or more event
  • At least 51,000 people reached via social media
  • Sharing media between different people in different places
  • Locally hosted and online platforms

The Strindberg Laboratory have captured the spirit and energy of the weeks' festivities in their film:

Massive thanks to everyone who joined in, we're looking forward to next year's CitizenFest already!

CitizenFest 2019

CitizenFest Glasgow - We Are One took place in Glasgow in August 2019. 

John and Frances of Radical Visions brought together a wide range of organisations from across Scotland to build upon the 7 Keys to Citizenship, producing a programme covering 3 days of workshops, music, debate, art, films, stalls and food. 

Here's what happened:

We Are One on Facebook

We Are One on Twitter

#CitizenFest on Twitter

No Labels No Walls took place in Helsinki in September 2019. 

Markus of Kukunori, and The Strindberg Laboratory brought together diverse organisations and individuals to form a movement believing that what we have in common is more powerful than what separates us. 

Here's what happened:

No Labels No Walls on Facebook

No Labels No Walls on Instagram

No Labels No Walls on Twitter

Website: www.nolabelsnowalls.net