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Citizen Network Photo Competition

To change the world we need to imagine the world we want to live in. Citizen Network wants your help!

Citizen Network wants to publish and share powerful images to celebrate:

  • the power of active citizenship
  • the beauty of human diversity
  • the joy of living and working together in community

Do you have a positive image you’re willing to share?

Please send the highest quality images you can to: citizennetworkphotos@gmail.com

Let us know briefly:

  • what each photo is about, and
  • where it was taken.

We will create a video to showcase the actions of individuals and groups of citizens at work to build a world of inclusion and citizenship. We will also publish the photos in an online photo bank for you and other members of Citizen Network to use in their work.

Any photos sent to us before March 31, 2018 will be eligible to win the Citizen Network 2018 Photo Award.

Please share this message with others you know who may be interested. And keep sending us your photos and we’ll keep sharing them!

Thank You ~ the Citizen Network Team

The 2018 Photo Competition is now closed.

You can see the winning photo here.

You can see all the brilliant entries here.