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Basic Income

Citizen Network supports the movement for basic income (Universal Basic Income or UBI). We need to end poverty and ensure everyone has dignity and economic security.

You can get involved in the movement for basic income in several ways:

1. Work with the UBI Lab Network to create a basic income group in your community

2. Connect with World Basic Income to help create a world basic income

3. Connect with the Centre for Welfare Reform to reform social security systems

1. UBI Lab Network

The UBI Lab network is a growing network of groups working towards testing and developing basic income as a means to provide economic security and dignity for all. Citizen Network is a partner to the project. If you would like to get involved in the movement to end poverty please check out its resources and get in touch here. The UBI Lab Network website is here:


Contact Jonny Douglas if you want to set up your own lab.

2. World Basic Income

World Basic Income is particularly focused on creating tax and policy solutions to ensure that there is a world basic income. 


3. Centre for Welfare Reform

Centre for Welfare Reform is working on how to reform social security systems and how to make sure the system works for people with extra needs like disability or housing costs.


If you want to get involved in this work then please contact Simon Duffy.