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What kind of support do people really need?

EASPD (European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities) have asked the Centre for Welfare Reform to carry out a brief piece of research on self-directed support and the kind of support people with disabilities and their families need in the future.

The research team is Dr Simon Duffy, Nic Crosby and John Dalrymple.

We would love to hear from anyone about their views on how support should change to better reflect the human rights of people with disabilities.

We have developed a short survey where you can give your opinions: bit.ly/cn-sv-01

The survey will close on Thursday 14th February.

On Friday 15th February there will be a webinar – to take part please register at: bit.ly/cn-web-01

The findings of this research will be provided to EASPD to help services develop in the future to better respect people’s rights to control and lives of full citizenship.

We are grateful for the support of EASPD for funding this research, and to ECCL and ENIL for helping us reach out to people with disabilities across Europe.