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This is not a conference

A cutting edge event in Edinburgh about self-directed support.

Join Diversity Matters and hear from the experts: people who have been leading and directing their support to make a difference in their lives, and find out how professionals can help.

Date: 29 March
Time: 10:30 - 4pm
Venue: City of Edinburgh Methodist Church

It will be:

“ ‚Ķ a truly inclusive and welcoming day!”

The day will involve stories, song, rap, poetry, theatre, film and more to help highlight our stories (yours and mine) about using social care and health support.

You will:

  • Find out about how new changes to how care and support are offered can benefit you whatever you role is.
  • Meet different people involved in being supported or helping others in social care and health
  • Find out what happens when we all come together and share stories, wisdom and learning

Reserve your ticket via Eventbrite here.

Everyone Together is a project of Diversity Matters and is funded by the Scottish Government.