The Launch of Flatpack Democracy 2021

The Flatpack Democracy 2021 campaign marks the emergence of a powerful new force in British political life.

Action | 23.11.20

Flatpack Democracy is a DIY method for communities to win back their council as non-party candidates, pioneered by multiple towns around the UK.

The Flatpack Democracy campaign supports people to reclaim local politics from the systems and political parties that are currently failing them. 

Flatpack Democracy believes councils should be run by local communities, for local communities. The campaign aims to help people reclaim their councils from party politicians and put real people back in control. We’re aiming to catalyse a mass movement of independent councillors whose sole aim is to carry out the wishes and wills of their local community.

Flatpack Democracy's aim is that every council election in May 2021 is won by an independent community-led group.

Flatpack Democracy will work with groups who want to stand for election and, once elected, collaborate to make their parish, town or district councils ambitious, effective and responsive to their local community’s needs.

You can find out how to get involved via the Flatpack Democracy website:

Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform said:

"Flatpack Democracy is the democratic revolution we need today. Party politics is broken. We have a centralised state controlled by a tiny elite and elected by a minority of the electorate. There are no constitutional checks and balances and few of us feel we can influence anything in the public sphere. We need to shift power to the local and make that power truly democratic - real people, making real decisions, together.

"The Flatpack Democracy movement has a proven track record. It brought about radical life changing reforms to the community of Frome. If we can repeat its success up and down the country we will not only see life improving for millions, we'll also see the birth of a new, truly democratic force for the wide-ranging and radical reforms our society so badly needs."